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Are you ready to outsource?

When building an eCommerce business, chances are you’ll initially operate from home or a rented space. As the orders pour in, you’ll work to adapt to the systems required to fulfil your orders and keep your customers happy. But when order numbers rise to the point where your success rests on your fulfilment, should you outsource?

Can you easily manage? 

There is a lot to say for the convenience and control that managing an in-house order operation gives you. You can view your stock at all times and manually control 100% of your inventory. You’re present for every part of the process and you can organise your business and stock in a way which works well for you. It also allows you to personalise the process that bit more if you like to have things done in a certain fashion.  

You probably don’t need to outsource if:

  • You have enough storage space that you’re not tripping over boxes

  • You are capable managing all areas of your business without help

  • You have full control, organisation and visibility over your stock

  • You can engage with and delight your customers

  • You can fulfil every order by yourself in an hour a day

  • You personalise every order


What if you can't?

Operating a business from your spare room can be a difficult process, especially if your company gains popularity and starts to grow rapidly. Masses of orders and constant fulfilment can take up all your spare time and snatch away your flexibility as a human and a business owner. If your eCommerce business is growing and you’re beginning to struggle, it may be worth considering outsourcing your order fulfilment. 


  • You spend more time with your products than your family

  • You have lost all your spare space to stock and are thinking of renting additional storage

  • You’re considering employing additional support to help

  • You’re unable to fulfil your products within the same day they’re ordered and the backlog is growing

  • You’ve lost visibility of your stock from too many different products and lack of organised storage

  • You’re unable to keep accurate, organised inventory

  • Your business is suffering from a lack of technological innovation

  • Your customers are unhappy with the service you’re providing

  • You spend more time communicating with your couriers than your customers

  • You’re unable to grow your business beyond your spare room

Then outsourcing might just be the solution that you’re looking for.

The Benefits of Outsourcing 

Fulfilment is a competitive field, but only a handful of companies can provide up to date, technology driven logistics that will thrill both you and your customers. But what would the benefits be for you?

Here’s what has delighted our clients: 

  • An affordable, scalable solution that would be handled by professionals, but would allow you to retain control through real-time technologies

  • Cloud-based software that is accurate up to the minute and accessible on any device anywhere in the world, allowing you complete visibility of your operations


  • Organised and accurate storage capable of storing high volumes, When working with 3PL (third party logistics) you’ll never take up more than 10% of overall volume. This gives you the ability to scale-up and scale-down your operations as per your order volume

  • Regain your flexibility as pallets of stock turn up at an organically certified warehouse, not at your door

  • Pay an expense - not an employee. By outsourcing, the entire operation is handled by a coordinated, trained and dedicated warehouse team. If you tried to handle it all in-house there is a strong chance you would eventually need to hire help. This would mean you’d need to interview, hire, train and coordinate packers, which would mean more work and less free time

  • Keep your costs down. If you were to operate an in-house service with your own team of employees you would need to pay for labour costs, any additional storage you use (especially if you rent a unit or warehouse space), utility costs, supplies such as packaging, resources and relevant insurances. However if you were to outsource, this would all be handled and provided by your 3PL company.

  • Consistently high quality, timely and accurate work would bring the positive reviews flooding in and provide a service your customers will love

  • Get your time back! With the entirety of your operations handled by 3PL, you will be able to not only enjoy your free time again but will also be able to focus on growing your business and delighting your customers

  • Broaden your horizons -  your 3PL company will be able to ship quickly and efficiently worldwide and even have control over international warehouses,  allowing your eCommerce business to grow beyond borders


warehouse 1.jpg

As you can see, outsourcing has a great many benefits. Cloud-based technologies can keep you in the driver’s seat and in control, whilst orders are handled away from your home by a dedicated team. If fulfilling orders from your home is becoming a strain, outsourcing is the solution for you.

What’s best for your business?

If you can handle your fulfilment and are able to provide an exceptional service and experience for your customers, carry on! Should you later require more space for your growth, outsourcing offers a long term solution and may become a strong option for your business’ future.

However, if it’s all proving too difficult, orders are too high, space too minimal and you need help expanding, outsourcing will provide a cost effective, modern solution to all your problems.

If you’re ready to outsource, why not give James and James a call? We’ll offer you a tailored solution that will help release the potential of your online business and give you all the support you need as you continue to grow.


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