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James and James - now delivering by drone to customers near you


As a forward thinking fulfilment provider, we know  customers are excited by fast, high-tech services. After months of research and development our tech team have finally unveiled our latest offering: drone delivery.

Smaller and easier to maintain than a fleet of lorries, the James and James drones will deliver items under 1kg to back gardens across the UK. For a nominal fee end customers can receive orders in as little a 22.4 minutes, beating the fastest ever recorded Amazon delivery by over 30 seconds.

Product manager Will Dixon said “Drone delivery is the only natural next step for eCommerce fulfilment, but bringing the technology up to scratch hasn’t been easy. No word yet on whether our first test customer has managed to repair his shed window*.”

The deliveries so far shown an excellent success rate, with up to 60% of packages arriving intact.

James and James drone deliveries will commence in the United Kingdom today and will soon be launching across the rest of the world.

*No customers were harmed in the making of this press release.

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