Amazon Fulfilment

Our Amazon fulfilment captures orders immediately from one or more Amazon sites. Fulfilment for your Amazon store allows completely automated processing of Amazon orders, without clients having to lift a finger.

Our client’s Amazon seller ratings are very important to their success. James and James Fulfilment protect and increase Amazon ratings by ensuring consistent positive reviews from customers and an excellent rating from Amazon. Our ControlPort system can connect to all Amazon territories for a truly international service.

Order processing begins from the second that Amazon validates payment. Orders are then added to our platform and visible in your client area so you can track the Amazon fulfilment process in real time.


Amazon orders are captured immediately and picked, packed and despatched the same day - turnaround times are often under 30 minutes from order receipt to postbag - ensuring a great fulfilment service for your Amazon shop.


Our system automatically meets Amazon's shipping requirements, with no matching required. Comprehensive data for each order, including the products ordered, delivery address and contact details allow us to evaluate the most economical postal carrier for every order, while ensuring access to all services. 


Automated retrieval and SKU code based matching eliminates human error and combined with our stringent picking systems guarantees 100% accurate fulfilment of Amazon orders.  Single products can even be mapped to multiple bundled items.


Once an order is at the point of shipping through our Amazon fulfilment service, we automatically push a notification to Amazon. This contains shipping details, an accurate despatch time and a tracking number which is then updated in Amazon Seller Central. 

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