Rakuten Fulfilment

Our client’s Rakuten seller ratings are very important. We protect and increase Rakuten marketplace ratings with consistent "A+++" reviews from customers.

Rakuten customers receive an efficient and informative service from the moment Rakuten's server validates payment. Our integration with Rakuten's marketplace API allows removal of all manual intervention. Orders are then added to our platform and visible in your client area so you can track the fulfillment process in real time.

At James and James Fulfilment, we capture, process and despatch the orders on the same day, with many orders being ready for dispatch within as little as 30 minutes.

Comprehensive order data, including the order contents, addresses and contact details allow us to evaluate the most economical postal provider from a wide range or services.

Automated product matching guarantees total order retrieval accuracy and we can even process bundled products, where multiple picks are required for one product.

Once an order is ready to ship, we automatically push a notification to Rakuten containing the time despatched, shipping service used and the tracking number.

In addition to Rakuten's dispatch email, our ControlPort system can also send a branded email directly to the customer, reinforcing your company.

Faster order processing and clearer communication improve the customer experience; reducing customer service calls. Customers will remember the service they recieved and will come back to buy from you again.

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