Third Party Logistics

When outsourcing fulfillment to a third party logistics company (3PL); You are not just engaging a company to send out orders. Through third party fulfilment you are in fact trusting another company with a vital stage in your customers buying journey and ultimately your brands reputation.

A good third party fulfilment company will treat this final stage as the most important, ensuring you have satisfied customers that will come back for more.

We have consistently demonstrated that as a third party fulfilment provider we take this last stage very seriously. Our systems, procedures and dedication to customer service have allowed us to grow  and deliver for you and your customers.

As a third party fulfilment provider, we offer branded shipping labels and delivery notes which makes our service as discreet as it is efficient. 

All James and James Fulfilment clients have access to a personal, secure portal where you can view live up to the second reporting for confidence in you business decisions.

Our clients benefit from:

  • Lowered administration costs and a reduction in stock write-offs
  • Delighted customers who leave positive feedback and repeat purchase
  • Staff that find customer service enquiries much easier to deal with
  • Staff that can make faster decisions based on accurate live reports
  • Confidence that fulfilment is taken care of so managers can focus on business growth

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