CRM and ERP Fulfilment

As businesses become more complex, customer resource management (CRM) packages are becoming more and more popular. We allow clients to reap the full benefits of their chosen CRM package, with a direct and real time integration to our service with automated CRM fulfilment.

Being able to maintain a CRM with real time fulfilment integration allows clients to ensure they have one common source of all information that is always up to date, removing the need for excel spreadsheets and distributed data that is hard to find.

James and James Fulfilment allow for a more efficient workflow and automated order processing - whether you are using SalesForce, Zoho CRM, BrightPearl, or any other online CRM system.

Not only can clients continue to use their own custom CRM reporting to manage their customers' orders, but they also enjoy access to our own reporting suite within our ControlPort fulfilment system.

Our clients enjoy less errors, faster processing and spend less time on business administration.

Contact us for more information on how integrating CRM packages with our fulfilment service can benefit your business.

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