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Want to sell to Europe cost effectively?

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For companies based outside the EU working with a Third Party Logistics (3PL) company to provide order fulfillment is an ideal solution for business looking to expand their reach into Europe. The UK and Europe offer online retailers a huge potential market with a population of 742.5 million, which is more than double that of the USA. The UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden have the highest percentage of online buyers.


In 2012 the total Western European B2C eCommerce economy reached €160.8 bn, a growth of 15.8% compared to 2011. The UK (€96.2 bn) and France (€45bn) are the largest eCommerce countries in Western Europe, with growth percentages in 2012 of 14.4% for the UK and 19.4% for France.

There are many advantages of dispatching ecommerce orders from within the EU. Companies selling imported goods to private individuals in the EU do not need to pay additional taxes or duties for the recipient or the sender - other than UK VAT which you would need to charge anyway. This is because the EU is a free trade zone and so there are no customs borders.

If you are selling to another VAT registered business in the EU, again there is no import duty and you do not need to charge them VAT provided you put their VAT number on the invoice.

The UK and EU like to help international companies that wish to invest in the UK. Businesses can take advantage of different grants and tax allowances in the UK. These provide financial help and assistance for research and development work and investment in business. Businesses in the UK may be eligible for national and EU funding help including: government grants, finance and loans, business support and start-up or SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) funding.

Fast and Cost Effective

Companies based outside the EU that work with UK based 3PL can take advantage of the shorter distances to provide faster and more cost effective shipping without customs delays or charges. This in turn helps increase customer satisfaction and repeat purchases which can lead to retailers organically increasing business with other consumers across Europe.

No Language Barriers

UK based partners share a common first language with the USA and Australasia so there are no barriers to effective communication.

Virtual Warehouse

By making the best use of the technology available international clients can have as clear a picture of what is happening in the warehouse as they would if it was next door rather than many thousands of miles away. Our innovative warehouse software provides complete control over the order fulfillment process. Live systems ensure total transparency of the entire fulfillment process. All the information we have is available in a secure online portal which provides a virtual window on the warehouse.


International sellers do not have to deal with the headache of returns. Our returns systems provide a complete solution for our clients, Returns labels can be included with all deliveries. We check products on their return against your specification. Reasons for returns can be recorded in our system. The return label is tied to the original order so our clients are automatically updated when a return is received.

Customer Service

Our new ViewPort feature offers retailers an advantage with customer service. The moment an order is received by our system a tracking page is emailed to the end customer. This page displays all the events in an order’s journey through the warehouse, keeping the customer updated from the moment they pay to the moment their order is delivered. For retailers based in different time zones ViewPort can dramatically reduce customer service enquiry.

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July 19th, 2017 by Jonnie Davis

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