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Managing your eCommerce Growth

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Retain control as your sales boom!

Growing eCommerce orders is a clear sign your business is heading in the right direction, but this is the first hurdle (of many) in ensuring you maintain this growth moving forward.

You’ve created a willing and loyal customer base, now you need to continue building order volumes and manage your stock accordingly to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more.

So, how do I achieve this? Firstly, don’t panic – there are tools and methods available to help ensure the perfect experience for every customer, no matter how high your order volumes become. In this blog we explain how these tools and methods can help you grow whilst ensuring your customers remain satisfied.

Increased orders means increased workload

There are many challenges that come with a sudden growth in order volumes – The need to manage more stock calls for storage space, peak periods, accurate data and the increase in people to handle orders (not to mention managing the balance in your life!).

Initially, it may be possible to handle the influx with your original methods, however as the volumes become larger, it can quickly become difficult to keep up without the need for fulfillment technology. Fulfilling the escalated number of orders can also impact your reputation – if you’re unable to keep up, negative reviews can severely damage your growth. It can also be more difficult to manually pick, pack and ship goods without taking on extra staff – costs which can escalate quickly! However, there is a simple solution available to handle the extra workload, as well as manage your increased stock and orders.

A simple solution

You may have considered outsourcing your fulfillment in the past, but chose not to take the plunge as you were able to manage your orders easily. Now that the volume of those orders has increased and your company needs room to grow, moving your operations to third party logistics may be an option for you.

The high volume of stock that would be required to fulfill your orders could easily be managed using a warehouse management system. The very best of these systems:

    • Help eradicate error and allow for an exceptional fulfilment experience
    • Send intelligent reports to keep you informed at all times, be in control of your goods and enable you to monitor inventory numbers to forecast low stock
    • Have access to a dedicated team of pickers and packers (operating seven days a week) ensuring no order is missed, and that all goods are handled with care and accuracy.
    • Use cloud based software that integrates seamlessly with your online baskets; the entire process is visible to you from purchase right through to shipment. This allows for up to the minute edits to orders, i.e. changing the address on a packing label

With growing order volumes brings the increased likelihood of returns, however this too can be managed by the fulfillment provider, and can be resolved quickly and discreetly. A great returns service allows you to stay in complete control and remain informed anywhere in the world, without the need to personally oversee every detail of the process.

Continue to grow

The continued development of your business is made far easier if you can succeed in delivering a service your customers expect and deserve. For every new challenge that you meet, there is a fulfillment solution that can help ease the pressure. By outsourcing you’ll have control over your stock, time to focus on expanding sales and provide the ultimate customer experience.

Learn more about how to manage your growing order volumes.


September 12th, 2017 by Rob Thompson

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