Customer warehouse tracking

Customer Experience Fulfilment Technology

One of the great things about buying from a brick-and-mortar store is seeing your personal buying journey. You see your new pair of jeans, you take it to the counter, you see it folded wrapped and put in a bag for you. Our aim is to provide one complete, fluid, real time, online view of an orders journey. We want to give our clients the ability to keep the customer in the loop, provide peace of mind and transparency of the service they lose through the internet. We’re providing an extra personalised feel to the customer experience. We have got your order. Ben is picking your order. Ben has packed your order.

They have complete visibility

At James and James Fulfilment, we have developed a holistic, end to end order tracking feature that offers increased transparency to the order life cycle. Through our real time warehouse management system (developed in-house), we have been able to actually stamp certain points in the fulfilment process and pass this on to our clients’ customers!

This is displayed as tracking web-page that tracks key stages in order process through the warehouse up to dispatch as they happen, then holds tracking information up until delivery where are a tracked service option has been selected. We tell customers when their order has been received, to when it is being picked, boxed up and dispatched – and who by!

We then pull in data from couriers and display the latest tracking events all the way up until delivery confirmation.

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