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Our top tips for an efficient fulfilment warehouse

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There is not just one recipe for operating an efficient fulfilment warehouse, here are some tips that will make your life easier... and your clients happier.

  • Use your space wisely: This one seems obvious, but a reminder is always heplful.  So, before deciding that you need more space, see how you can use existing space more efficiently

  • Organise your fulfilment warehouse in a way that fits your company's needs specifically, don't just copy-paste what other companies do, no matter how great it may seem.  Adjust it to your own needs

  • Keep it simple! this has always been one of our favourite tips.  It applies to so many things in life, warehouse fulfilment being one of them

  • Keep your popular products grouped together.  Make sure that access to these products is easy - you don't want to have to cross half the warehouse to reach them

  • Products that are often ordered together should also be grouped together- This will save a lot of time and effort

  • Invest in approprate up-to-date warehouse managment software.  Times are changing, and so does fulfilment warehouse technology

  • Ever found out that your hit product was out of stock? It means a lot of stress and disgruntled customers - things that you can live without. Real Time Reporting will make this just a bad memory

  • The importance of (live) inventory.  Would you like to leave constant struggle for updated inventory behind you?Live, accurate inventory and automatic alerts will help you solve this

Got any tips of your own?  Please, share the wisdom in the comment section!

Equally, feel free to contact us for further advice on operating an efficient fulfilment warehouse.

October 20th, 2014 by Hannah Newman

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