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eCommerce Fulfilment Made Easy

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Leading cloud providers announce automatic order fulfilment on UK’s largest network.

1 in 5 online shop owners can enjoy hassle free order fulfilment this week, through ekmPowershop.com’s latest cloud partner, James and James Fulfilment.

James and James provides a complete order fulfilment service, leaving shop owners with truly hands-off selling. The latest integration with ekmPowershop.com takes care of the warehousing and delivery of products, but also provides customisable, branded paperwork, customer emails and much more.

Automated order transfer, return of delivery/tracking info and up-to-the second stock level sharing are all easily achieved through James and James' comprehensive fulfilment solution system called ControlPort, combined with ekmPowershop.com’s market leading ecommerce software.

How do online shop owners take a holiday when their business is open 24/7? Fulfilment; the process that James and James does which is invisible to the end user.

John Bradbury from ekmPowershop.com comments:

“The ‘final mile’ is often overlooked by many businesses when they start selling online. As the operation grows, fulfilment of the order efficiently and on time can be one of the biggest problems they face. If consumers experience any difficulties in receiving their goods ordered over the web, then you can be sure to get a bad reputation quickly in a competitive market. James and James Fulfilment integration with ekmPowershop.com means clients can re-route all of their inventory to James and James Fulfilment's warehouse facilities, and forget about the hassle of dispatches and holding their own stock - for good.”

ekmPowershop.com’s back office integrations now offer multi channel inventory control, order fulfilment, pick and pack solutions and an accountancy software integration due out soon.

“We’re pushing the back office aspect of ekmPowershop.com in terms of 3rd party integrations, and for us this latest integration ticks a very large box, as James and James Fulfilment offer such a comprehensive fulfilment solution.”

January 11th, 2012 by Hannah Newman

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