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We go to the book launch

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Our new client Miriam Elia, the controversial artist and comedian has joined us at James and James Fulfilment following strong demand for her latest – and controversial – book, ‘We Go to the Gallery’. The book is a parody of a Ladybird book and intended to poke fun at the art world.


The first production run caused outrage at Penguin Publishing who objected to the use of their Ladybird mark. After ‘friendly discussions’, Penguin agreed that Miriam, who trained at the Royal College of Art, could sell enough of the first production run to recover her costs, but insisted that any more would have to be destroyed.

Currently books from the first production run are changing hands on eBay for hundreds of pounds. In response to huge demand for more copies of the book, Miriam has created a new version which should satisfy Penguin’s desire to pulp any more copies. The original Ladybird motif has apparently been replaced by a dung beetle. To keep pace with demand, Miriam selected us for our high tech systems that allow fulfilment to be automated, allowing Miriam more time to concentrate on her work.

Last month James and James Fulfilment were delighted to attend the book launch of the new edition at a primary school in Soho opposite the Windmill Theatre. Guests were treated to gin and tonics in plastic kiddy cups while Miriam delivered a witty lecture about her new company Dung Beetle Publishing along with selected readings from the book, while guests, including artists and journalists, had to sit quietly on the mat throughout. A book signing followed and there were fascinating displays of threatening letters from Penguin.

September 8th, 2014 by Hannah Newman

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