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UK online shoppers continues to grow

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According to new statistics from the Office for National, 66% of the UK population purchased over the internet, this year, a rise of 4% on 2010.

Clothes and sporting goods were most popular, bought by 46% users, with films or music second most popular. Of the older age bracket, travel (flights, car hire and transport tickets) and holidays were the main purchase, with clothing reserved strictly for the high street.

On the mobile front, internet access was heavily skewed to the younger generation with 71% of 16-25s having access, but less than 10% of over 65s.

However, while 77% of British households now have an internet connection, that still leaves 5.7m households without internet access. Some householders gave the reason for not having a connection down to specific barriers to getting connected, though around half said they didn’t have one because they ‘don’t need the Internet’.

Overall online ordering, by PC, tablet and phone is definitely still on the up though, so now is still very much the time to focus on your online sales.

Read the full report here 

September 9th, 2011 by Hannah Newman

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