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Using the right Courier

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If we were to listen to all those speaking out on social networks we could be forgiven for thinking that all UK couriers were incapable of making home deliveries.

But you would be wrong. It has been reported that 10% of all home deliveries do not succeed at the first attempt but this means that 90% do. When the true numbers of deliveries are in their thousands, this puts things in to perspective.

James and James eCommerce Fulfilment uses tried, tested and trusted couriers for all the goods leaving the warehouse. Because of the percentage of failed first time attempts at delivery, couriers such as the Royal Mail and DPD have launched a Delivery to Neighbour scheme.  This has been on trial for three months now and has been very successful. Ofcom has given its approval for the scheme to continue. This seemingly small adjustment in delivery systems could save UK companies millions of pounds. There is nothing more annoying than waiting in all day to find that you have missed the doorbell that the courier insists they have rung.

Some companies will now text the customer to tell them the approximate time of arrival or to ask if they would like their goods delivered to another address or to an appropriate 'safe place'. This has got to be a good thing all round. Customers, as in all things in life, are generally quick to complain when things go wrong but very rarely send a note of thanks when goods are received safely and on time. The latter is taken for granted when it happens, which is most of the time, but is perceived as what should be happening anyway. Negative reviews can really hurt a company's reputation but customers are quick to criticize for various reasons, the biggest probably is time wasting for example having to take a day off work to receive a parcel because the time scale on delivery is between 8am - 4pm. Courier services are now looking into ways of making their side of things more customer friendly and cost effective.

Hopefully this Christmas will be a little less stressful for both couriers and customers both! Contact us to learn about how our eCommerce fulfilment service is constantly looking for ways to deliver better results.

December 20th, 2012 by Hannah Newman

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