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Since joining James and James during the pandemic, London based clothing brand, Alma de Ace witnessed a significant lift in conversion rate, both their average order value and repeat transactions rocketed, and they even noticed a drop in return rates.

How did you start your business and when did you realise you needed a fulfilment partner?

We joined James and James at the start of COVID and the procedure to onboard was very easy, it was about a one-week turnaround.

We wanted a partner like James and James who worked with the most cost-effective and express shipping providers.

We started selling to the US which has grown to be 40% of our business and we wanted a fulfilment company who had international fulfilment centres. We wanted to work with Global-e last year to enable cross border transactions with duties and taxes paid but James and James did not integrate with Global-e at the time. However, they listened to their customers and built the integration to help us grow.

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How did you decide on a fulfilment partner? Was there a particular feature that made you choose James and James?

The technology, the client portal, the transparency you get from ContorlPort which is key from a business side. The size of James and James was also important, with international fulfilment centres we wanted to work with a company that also wanted to scale and grow.

Since joining James and James Alma de Ace has seen a 300% increase in growth

Conversion rate increased by 35%

Average order value increased from £75 to £100

Returns rate down 2%

Repeat transactions increased from 19% to 25%

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How did you find the integration with Shopify and ControlPort?

The integration from Shopify to ControlPort was so easy and we have had 98% accuracy for picking and packing so it has been great to have that reliability and speed for how quickly a customer can get an order. It’s so important for a customer to get the right order as it costs time and money.

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What advice would you give to other eCommerce brands who are looking to scale?

Focus on your revenue streams and especially your supply chain – including warehouse and fulfilment to meet the demands and deadlines which are key in any business.

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