Data visibility is key for Regis – the largest hairdressing business in the world

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Regis is one of the largest hairdressing businesses in the world. 60% of its revenue comes from salon services, with the remaining 40% generated from retail sales of professional hair care products.

The online software and data visibility is second to none. It’s the best on the market.

Graham Kay,
Project Manager

The Challenge

Regis wanted to add an eCommerce sales channel to their retail offering through the Regis and Supercuts brands. Their own warehouse deals with large bulk shipment for salon replenishment, but it didn’t have the specialist B2C capabilities required for their eComm operation (they had only been able to offer next day delivery with a 2pm cut-off time).

So, they needed a fulfilment centre that had the technology to integrate with multiple Magento Enterprise stores to receive and process orders automatically. They required flexibility, low cost delivery, later cut-off times and multiple delivery options. On top of that, they required the automatic recording of serial numbers for their gift cards sales.

Quite the challenge.

What we created

After a lengthy procurement process, Regis selected James and James for their specialist B2C service. The team was impressed with our real-time cloud based system which integrates with a powerful, modern API to receive orders automatically as soon as they are placed via the Magento online stores (this prevents order processing delays).

We wrapped up all of our services to present a complete solution that would answer the Regis challenge. From multiple shopping cart integrations and flexible delivery options with multiple carriers, to late cut off times and click and collect salon deliveries, we could accommodate all of their specialist B2C requests.

What we delivered

The level of information available to the Regis team through ControlPort now enables them to run their business more efficiently, with intelligent reports providing sales trend data and continuously updated stock levels, so that items can be reordered in good time without over-stocking. 

As for the additional functionality to automatically record serial numbers of Regis gift cards, we coded it, in-house. Cards could then be tracked and linked to each order. Tick!

Overall Regis’ delivery timescale has improved too from 3 to 5 days, to some being next day for the same or better cost.