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An introduction to sustainability

Sustainability in eCommerce is a journey worth taking. It’s not just about the planet – businesses that champion sustainability will enjoy a competitive edge in today’s market. In this guide, you’ll find:

  • What sustainability is, and why it’s important
  • How sustainability benefits both our planet and your business
  • Ways to make sustainable changes to your order fulfilment operation

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About the guide

Some might look at sustainability and roll their eyes, thinking it’s just another trend that’ll soon be in the past once the world finds something new to shout about. However, you don’t need to dig too far beneath the surface of the eCommerce industry to realise that sustainability is here to stay, and that the businesses who pursue and embrace sustainability are carving out a competitive advantage.

In this guide, we’ll spend some time investigating why sustainability matters, not only to society as a whole, but to the success and longevity of your eCommerce business. We’ll also consider how businesses can make their fulfilment process more sustainable, and the benefits this can bring to both businesses and customers.

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