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Frequently Asked Questions

General Company Enquiries:

Who are James and James?

In 2010 James and James changed everything. We took an old-fashioned industry and reinvented fulfilment using the latest cloud technology. The result is a huge competitive advantage for our clients.

In just seven years James and James have become a disruptive force for change in the industry, operating a seamless global fulfilment service from three continents - and that’s just the start.

We're aiming high and want to be the definitive standard of global eCommerce Fulfilment.

How can you help me and my business?

By using our award winning cloud based software, you’ll be able to save time and money whilst improving business and fulfilment efficiency. Oh yes. The warehouse management system works to optimise accuracy in the warehouse, cutting error and improving pick and pack times. It picks the best shipping method for your orders and works to provide an exceptional customer experience. Clients grow 200% with James and James, and you could be one of them.

Where are your warehouses located?

James and James operate houses in Northampton (UK), Ohio, (USA) and Auckland (New Zealand).

What makes James and James different?

We are passionate technology-driven fulfilment experts, making it easy for brands to delight customers, grow globally and gain a competitive advantage.

Our clients love the visibility and control our leading technology offers across a seamless global presence - all expertly supported with dedicated customer care.

That’s why our clients love us, and their customers love them!

Questions about our service:

What does the fulfilment process entail?

Our cloud fulfilment service covers all aspects of eFulfilment. From the moment your goods arrive with us, they are photographed, weighed, measured and recorded onto our system. They are then stored in segregated batches to ensure they can never be confused or mixed. Upon completion of storage, you will be sent an automated order receipt so you are kept in the know about the location and condition of all of your goods.

When an order comes through, our pickers are notified of the SKU and volume of the order and take the most effective route through the warehouse to retrieve the goods. Throughout the picking and packing process, multiple checks are made to ensure the correct items are sent. This helps minimise error and streamline the process. Products are then sent out to the customer, using the most cost-effective shipping method. All of this is done to the highest level of accuracy and timing, ensuring an excellent customer experience, and happy customers mean fantastic feedback!  

Does my online eCommerce store need to be relatively large in order to use James and James’ services?

Not at all, many of our clients handle only one or two products. However, we specialise in companies with high order volumes and high standards.

What products do/will you handle?

James and James’ key proficiency lies with the handling of small/medium size items. We find we are able to maximise our efficiency in this sector of products.  

What if orders are coming from eBay/Amazon etc and not my own online store?

That’s no problem, we can connect to your Amazon and eBay accounts to receive orders just as we do from your online store.

How do you ensure 100% accuracy when fulfilling orders?

Organisation is key and from the moment that your products arrive with us, they are stored on our cloud warehouse management system. Live reports allow you up to the minute access to your product information, allowing complete visibility and accuracy. Our picking team is of the highest standard and follow a system of checks and processes that make it impossible to send the wrong item.

What is ‘e-Fulfilment’?

eFulfilment is the pick, pack and dispatch of eCommerce orders.

Preparation and shipping:

What do you mean by ‘real time order processing’?

When an order is made, it comes through to our system immediately, allowing that order to be picked, packed and dispatched as soon as possible without error. This entire process can be viewed in real time (up to the minute) by our cloud based software, keeping you and your customer in the know and allowing complete visibility.

What options do you offer for labelling individual products?

We are able to provide customised barcode and brand packing labels.

What shipping method do you use?

We use a variety of shipping methods that allow the dispatch of products to be cost effective as well as timely.

Can I directly ship from overseas suppliers straight to you?

Yes you can!

When the item is shipped to the customer, how do they know that the product was sold by my business?

With customised branded packing labels we ensure our pick and pack service is discreet and professional, with the option of customisable packing also available to add to the customer experience.

Who would be responsible for product damage or loss during shipment?

As we outsource our shipping, the responsibility would fall with the courier used for dispatch.

Will my products be safe in your warehouse?

Many of our clients sell high end products. Whilst our warehouses are completely secure, we have a separate dedicated high value area. It’s access is restricted to certain, qualified warehouse staff, ensuring extra security.

Will you pay for lost or damaged products in your warehouse?

If our quality control locate damaged stock you will be contacted and credited for said stock. If stock has been misplaced or deemed missing then a 30 day investigation will be launched, if not found, you will be credited for that stock.

Requesting returns and/or disposal:

How/will you handle all customer returns and refunds?

We will happily take back any stock customers wish to return. Any customer refunds will be dealt with between customer and client.

How long will it take to return the items?

We have put in place measures to ensure that the entire customer experience is as fluid as possible - as such, we can provide return printing labels to customers to aid in the process. If you would like us to return stock to you, we use the most time effective means available to us. There should be no need to return products, but we aim to make the process as painless as possible for all involved.

Will you handle customer enquiries/how do you handle feedback for the products you handle?

The end customers will need to deal directly with the product provider with any enquiries or to give any feedback. However, our clients are free to contact us with any questions they might have.

Will you issue a VAT invoice to the customer for my products?

Unfortunately, this is not a service that we currently provide.

What happens to the products returned by customers?

Any stock returned to us will be checked for damage to see if it is possible to resell. If it’s in a sellable condition it will be returned to stock, however, if it is not in an acceptable condition you will be contacted and we shall do as you see fit with the item.

How will I know and identify what products have been returned to you and refunded to the buyer?

Our software enables you to track your products completely - from order to (if necessary) their return. Using the software you can see where your products are, and what stage of the process they are in. These products will show up in your client information, you will also receive notifications of the current status of your products (returned or otherwise).

Questions regarding our ControlPort fulfilment software:

So, what if I want to use my own warehouse? Is there still a service you can offer me?

Our cloud-based warehouse management software can be utilised by any warehouse so you can still benefit from our services!

What technology do you use?

Our award winning cloud-based software enables the seamless integration of your eCommerce shop, platforms and delivery networks. By logging into our user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to track and monitor your products.  

What eCommerce platforms can the technology be integrated with?

The eCommerce platforms we currently integrate with are:

  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • iPages CMS

However, you are also able to customise a shopping cart to our software.

How do you feedback information and reports to me?

Our software will send you frequent email/system notifications and reports automatically so that you will be able to keep track of your stock.


Do you offer support for any IT and product related issues?

Our client support services are available by email or by phone and are fully equipped to deal with any IT or product related queries you may have.

How much does the James and James Fulfilment service cost?

The James and James experience is a fully customisable service. The minimum fees are £150 pick & pack and account management fee which starts from £57, however, the overall cost is only reflective of the needs you have and what we can provide for you. If you would like a quote, please contact our sales team.

How will I be charged?

Whilst you will be charged daily for the storage of your products (these are relevant to the size of said products) these charges and overall costs can be viewed as a monthly statement. You will also be charged for storage, materials, 1st pick fee, secondary pick fee, postage & carriage. Your pick fees are tailored to you.

How will you bill me?

UK clients will either be billed weekly or monthly depending on your expected orders.

Do you offer a demo?

A demo is available for you to try, please fill out one of our online forms to book one.

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