An award-winning order fulfilment service designed for growing brands

If you’re here, chances are that you’re interested in learning more about our order fulfilment service. Over the past decade, James and James has helped hundreds of online stores grow sales, impress their customers, and unleash their potential.

About us

We’re different from a lot of other eCommerce fulfilment partners

Our operations have been designed from the ground up to help you shift large volumes. Our facilities have been optimised for light-weight, fasting-moving SKUs, rather than larger, heavier items by honing in on what we’re good at, we’ve created a reliable and scalable service that keeps pace with your growth.

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Our service

Fast, reliable, award-winning

We combine fast, reliable fulfilment with award-winning inventory management software, dedicated (and human) client support, a global fulfilment centre network, and much, much more. Let us tell you all about it.

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Our order fulfilment service at a glance:

Cost-effective storage

We’ll keep your products safe and secure until the orders start flooding in. Only pay for the exact space you use, no hidden extras.


We’ll pick items quickly and accurately. Our custom-built software allows us to optimise routes for quick picking, and has several fail-safe measures to ensure picks are consistently accurate.


We’ll select your desired packaging, or choose the most cost-effective option if you’d prefer. For businesses that ship 1000+ orders per month, custom packaging options are available.

Shipping - the fourth step of the order fulfilment process


We’ll use our extensive network of courier partners to ship your orders via the most cost-effective service. Due to the volume we ship every day, you’ll receive a shiny discount, too.

Returns management

If your customer wants to return an item, we’ll handle that, too. We’ll check the validity of returns, issue refunds on your behalf, and quickly put the products back on the shelf.

Sell anywhere

We have fulfilment centres across the world, helping you to reach new markets rapidly and create the international brand of your dreams.

Our software

Powered by ControlPort

Our industry-leading fulfilment service is made possible by our custom-built eCommerce platform, ControlPort.

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And, when you choose James and James’ fulfilment service, you get all of this, too…

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