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Introducing CommandPort – our award-winning WMS

To ensure that we provide exceptional e-fulfilment for you, it’s vital that our fulfilment centres are at the peak of organisation and can cater to your needs. That’s where CommandPort – our award-winning warehouse management software (WMS)  – steps in.

Even if you don’t need to use one of our specialised fulfilment centres and instead prefer to use your own warehouses, the WMS could be for you.

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How can our warehouse management software help you?

Award-winning and cloud-based

Our global fulfilment network runs on CommandPort, a custom-built warehouse management system coded by us in-house, and supported by our internal tech team of expert developers.

CommandPort is a Queen’s Award for Enterprise-winning, cloud-based proprietary WMS.

First built in 2010 and updated weekly, the system bridges the gap between the technological sophistication of eCommerce platforms and the average fulfilment process that traditionally follows.

This has enabled us to operate at a revolutionary pick-error rate of only 1 in 200,000 orders.

Smart storage

Warehouse optimisation can only truly be achieved through excellent planning, spacial awareness and knowledge of stock and storage.

The warehouse management software can help increase warehouse density, which in turn significantly reduces pick and pack times, allowing our expert team to fulfil more orders, more effectively and without error.

This also has the added bonus of increasing warehouse capacity, enabling further storage when required.

Pro-active product forecasting

Knowing when a product might go out of stock means that the problem is easily avoided, saving sales and continuing to please your customers.

The software manages your inventory, providing frequent alerts and intelligent reports on your orders. Automated notifications anticipating depleted stock and stock that may soon fall out of date, will allow you to stay one step ahead and manage your inventory to avoid any nasty surprises.

Pick and pack proficiency

By employing our WMS, your entire inventory will be stored in an easy to navigate database. Utilising both SKU and barcode systems, as well as intelligent storage, pick speed rate will increase.

Our pick and pack accuracy is 99.999%, and it can be the same for you.

The software helps reduce human error by making a foolproof process that ensures your customers will receive exactly what they’ve ordered in a timely fashion.

Exceptional customer service

To ensure a superb customer experience, the system provides not only you but your customers with a complete real-time view of an order’s status. They will be able to track their products progress from anywhere in the world at any moment.

This provides complete visibility, keeping your customers informed and simplifying the process if there is a rare problem at any point.

Shipping solutions

To complete optimal order fulfilment, it’s integral that the customer receives their order in an expected time frame. Choosing the right courier or shipment method can be a challenge, especially when dealing with multiple time zones.

To eradicate this issue, our warehouse management software automatically selects the best courier available for orders. Urgent orders are immediately prioritised so as to exceed customer expectations and provide a perfect customer experience.

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