Get the insights you need to manage your orders and inventory effectively

When you outsource your e-fulfilment, you entrust your stock to somebody else. But just because you can’t see it in your own warehouse, doesn’t mean you can’t see it at all.

With James and James’s order fulfilment process and order fulfilment software, you get total control and visibility over your orders and inventory.

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How can we help with your inventory and order management?

Through ControlPort – our award-winning, cloud-based order management system – you’ll get unparalleled insights into your orders and inventory. It will help you maximise profits, plan stock and deliver an unforgettable customer experience.

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Understand your orders and inventory

The real-time data and user-friendly dashboards that ControlPort provides enable you to:

  • Access live and historic data on orders, stock, goods-in, returns and more
  • Monitor stock levels, to maximise profits and customer satisfaction
  • Access your data online, from any device, anytime
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Customise your reports and email alerts

You can configure reports and email alerts in ControlPort to suit your business intelligence needs.

  • Mine your data to get new insights and plan ahead
  • Set up email alerts for orders, stock, goods-in, returns and more
  • View all data online or download it as a CSV for further analysis
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Manage, trace and optmise batches

Best before end dates, serial numbers and batch control ensure you send the right product at the right time:

  • Specify which batches we use when, to keep customers happy
  • View which batches and serial numbers were used in which orders, for convenient traceability
  • Reduce your storage and capital costs, by keeping less stock

Give your customers the same visibility

With James and James, you can provide your customer with instant updates rather than spending time searching in the warehouse or chasing paper trails.

  • Update customers about the status of their order via our online ViewPort portal
  • Automatically update store inventory levels, so you never sell an out-of-stock product
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Regis increases efficiency, accuracy and cost savings

“The online software and data visibility is second to none and the best on the market.”

Graham Kay, Project Manager
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