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Intelligent Reporting

Intelligent Reporting and Analysis

Make informed decisions faster with detailed, easy to interpret performance reports

Intelligent Reporting with real time data displayed on a user-friendly dashboard, so you have all the business intelligence you need at your fingertips. Access easy to interpret reports for orders, stock, goods-in, returns and more.


warehouse inventory management software


Real time reports for all aspects of your fulfilment available 24 hours a day

flexible format

Flexible format

View online or download your reports to csv for further analysis in other systems.

batch/lot control

Smart Stock

Easily determine how much stock to hold and when it’s running low for maximum profit and happier customers



Create your own reports and mine your data for business insight and planning



Look back over your fulfilment data to analyse performance over any period



Access a detailed breakdown of every transaction processed through our fulfilment centres

email alert

Email Alerts

Email alerts can be configured for orders, stock, goods-in, returns, exceptions and more

best before end

Best Before End Date

Never send short dated stock and disappoint a customer again

batch control

Batch Control

Always send your orders from the correct batch and delight your customers

Clients benefit from:

  • Faster decision making from more accurate data
  • Reduced storage and capital costs by running leaner
  • Happier customers through fewer shortages and more deliveries on time
  • Increased staff confidence in the decisions they make
  • Greater insight and potential for business growth

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