Auteur grows sales and product line, thanks to innovative fulfilment solution

What’s great about WooCommerce and James and James is that we get notifications if there’s a problem, meaning we can really stay on top of the orders. We’d 100% recommend it.

– Kirstie Pendry, Marketing Associate, Auteur Limited

Auteur Limited is the UK home of bobble, Corkcicle, Hip, Roll’eat, RivSalt and Stojo – a collection of design-led, sustainable products, from water bottles to sandwich wrappers, which reduce our reliance on disposable plastics.

Auteur’s story began in the summer of 2010, when it launched its original brand, bobble, in the luxury department store, Harvey Nichols, and direct to consumers.

“Having seen bobble in the US, we saw the UK was missing out on a great product and generating thousands of wasted single-serve plastic bottles,” says Kirstie Pendry, Marketing Associate.

Shipping from the US increases costs

However, all bobble products were being shipped to customers directly from the US, causing unnecessary costs for both Auteur and the consumer. Auteur needed an alternative solution that would make storing and shipping products within the UK easier.

So, in 2015, it decided to join forces with James and James Fulfilment. It hasn’t looked back.

Fulfilment helps broaden product range

Since starting with bobble, the company has “grown massively”, spotting gaps in the market for further sustainable products. It’s gone on to bring further brands into its portfolio, all of which are all fulfilled by James and James.

“We’re constantly innovating and looking for new products for our customers,” explains Kirstie. “With sustainability becoming such a massive market, we’re always looking for ways to differentiate our products from other brands, and tell a story whilst doing so.”

WooCommerce integration is easy

Since 2015, Auteur has integrated a number of shopping carts with James and James. But in 2018, it decided to switch to WooCommerce. With its website already running on WordPress, the added convenience of knowing that James and James could integrate with WooCommerce, made for an easy decision.

“The process of integration was really easy, with a great support team at James and James,” says Kirstie. “It was simple to implement and they answered any questions we had.”

Notifications help resolve issues quickly

With set up and integration complete in no time, Auteur now benefits from system notifications.

“What’s great about WooCommerce and James and James is that we get notifications if there’s a problem with an order being sent through, meaning we can really stay on top of the orders.”

“James and James have been very supportive. It is a great tool to have and we’d 100% recommend it.”

What’s next for Auteur?

With its online operations now running so smoothly, Auteur plans to invest further in them.

“We plan to put a lot of time into eCommerce,” concludes Kirstie. “With shopping trends changing, we aim to use our website and James and James, to make online shopping really simple and quick.”