Exclusive 24-7

“I don’t need to check the orders – I know it will all be fine.”

Eric Bunte, Managing Director

Exclusive 247 eCommerce fulfilment

The Problem

Exclusive 24-7 is a privately owned Dutch-based watch company founded in 2001. They are experienced multi-channel sellers and a leading European wholesale specialist for designer watches with own brands.

Until approaching James and James, the company been dealing with all their order fulfilment in-house. With the Christmas peak on the horizon Exclusive 24-7 knew they needed to outsource their fulfilment – it would help the team free up more of their time to focus on the business itself, reduce stress and maintain positive customer feedback.

Knowing that outsourcing fulfilment could mean losing control of their stock, processes and branding, Exclusive 24-7 also wanted a fulfilment company that could offer a personal approach and allow them to stay firmly at the helm of their brand, stock and orders.




The Solution

After reviewing the options, the company decided to outsource its e-fulfilment to a completely different type of supplier. Exclusive 24-7 selected James and James Fulfilment for its innovative, real time, cloud-based e-fulfilment system, ControlPort. This new approach is based on a powerful web database that holds every detail of the fulfilment process – from the moment stock arrives from the supplier, through to delivery to the end customer. Since moving to James and James, Exclusive 24-7 orders are packed and dispatched the same day. Powerful integration with Exclusive 24-7 sales channels allows orders to be automatically transferred to James and James the moment they are placed.

The real time nature of the software allows James and James to prevent bottlenecks that could cause delays at peak times, unlike more dated systems. Exclusive 24-7 now have real time access to stock levels and can access detailed up-to-the-minute information on all their orders.

The Results

Despite a steep increase in business volume over the 2015 Christmas period, all orders were processed rapidly and accurately using James and James’s ControlPort software. Implementing our four system checks ensures the accuracy of every order and Exclusive 24-7 can control and view orders in real time on any device.

The company have also reported that the James and James support teams answer their calls straight away, providing the personal touch they had been looking in combination with automated systems. Exclusive 24-7 report that working with James and James has reduced staff stress and increased time to focus on sales.

Orders can be viewed and amended online live allowing for better control over orders for Exclusive 24-7 and a better experience for their customers.

The software delivers significant cost savings by selecting the correct shipping service, based on the order’s priority, attributes, weight, destination and size, customers are often delighted with how quickly they can receive their goods, Exclusive 24-7 have retained their 100% positive feedback score.

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