“I can’t imagine what Madotta would be like now if we hadn’t moved to James and James Fulfilment.”

Ahmad Kanani, Co-founder

Madotta products

Madotta has been designing and producing marble iPhone cases from a workshop in Cornwall, UK, since 2014. But as the brand grew, the quality of its customer service began to fall behind that of its luxury product.

Co-founder, Ahmad Kanani, explains: “In late 2016, we started to see problems with our logistics. We used to get so many orders over the weekend that the first half of the week was spent making and shipping them.

“I was afraid of scaling the business. If I placed an advert or offered a promotion, there was always the risk of making customers unhappy due to delayed orders.”

Madotta seeks a fulfilment partner to improve customer service

Ahmad realised that Madotta’s print-on-demand business model couldn’t scale to meet the growing demand for its products, so he began looking for ways to keep inventory in stock and ship orders as they came in.

After researching possible eCommerce fulfilment partners online, Ahmad decided to get in touch with James and James Fulfilment.

“I watched a video about them,” he explains. “I liked the fact that the founders had built the solution from scratch for eCommerce. I could see the business and its warehouse operations were transparent. I could see where my products would be stored. It was clean. It was organised.

“I spoke to Ross Wickham [James and James’s Senior Fulfilment Consultant] about our problem. He said: ‘We can help you solve it. But we need to reduce your SKUs first.’”

Cutting its product range strengthens Madotta’s brand

As a print-on-demand business, Madotta had hundreds of designs available across tens of different phone models. But maintaining this product range – its high number of stock keeping units (SKUs) – wouldn’t be sustainable or efficient if the business outsourced fulfilment.

“The James and James process is well organised, but our business wasn’t.” says Ahmad. “The client support team made it easy for us to go through things that we hadn’t considered before – how to package items in batches or add barcodes.

“I looked at our range and thought ‘Woah, it’s too much!’ I analysed the cases that were selling, brought the range down to the 10 best designs and limited them to four iPhone models.

“It’s been a great transition for our brand – customers who come to our site now have fewer options, but they have the best options.”

Madotta products

Madotta products

Madotta products

Onboarding is quick and easy, even at the busiest time of year

Madotta started fulfilling its orders through James and James just a few weeks after Ahmad first made contact, despite December being the busiest time of year for both companies.

“The onboarding process was simple,” he explains. “We use Shopify, so the integration with James and James’s warehouse management software was quick and hassle free.”

New shipping and return options help Madotta and its customers

Moving its fulfilment to James and James means that Madotta is now able to offer its customers a wider range of shipping options and keep them updated about where their orders are, at each stage of the process.

“Before, we just offered standard, non-tracked Royal Mail shipping,” says Ahmad. “If a customer wanted us to track an order or use FedEx to ship it faster overseas, it was difficult to arrange and we couldn’t easily provide tracking numbers.”

But as soon as Ahmad started using James and James’ Control Port system, that wasn’t a problem anymore.

“We got real-time visibility of our orders. We were so excited to see tracking numbers being updated in Shopify and emailed to customers. It’s cut ‘Where’s my order?’ support tickets by 90% and meant that we haven’t had to hire more staff for customer support.”

Same day shipping fuels conversions and growth

James and James has also enabled Madotta to ship the same day, even during the weekend – something which Ahmad believes is key to Madotta’s increased sales.

“It’s a differentiator for our brand,” he says. “When customers come to our website now, we can guarantee them same-day shipping if they order before a certain time. That not only increases conversions for us, it differentiates us from other eCommerce businesses that aren’t as established. It positions us with the larger online retailers.”

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