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Find out what some of our team think of working at James and James

Ramanjeet, FC Team Member


Name: Ramanjeet

Job Role: FC Team Member

Length of service: 1 year

Interesting fact: Ramanjeet is a talented artist and an aspiring businessman

From a temporary position in the Fulfilment Centre (FC) at the company’s busiest time around Christmas, Ramanjeet has found himself in his ideal, problem solving role where he, “feels driven to come to work each day”.

“Before I started at James and James I worked as a salesman for Microsoft selling a very high end product in store. I have studied Computing at university level and worked in IT systems for the council sector in my home city of Birmingham,” explains Ramanjeet. “When I moved to Northampton, I applied to work for James and James through an agency. Later, I was offered a permanent position and I accepted this offer as I felt welcomed, supported, and made to feel comfortable and valued.”

Ramanjeet’s problem solving mindset has been swiftly put to use at James and James. “My Team Leader quickly noticed my intelligence and versatility, moving me directly up five departments into Quality Control. I was further given the opportunity to understand the company on a broader scale by gaining working knowledge from almost all departments within the business. I now work in the Returns Department, allowing me to utilise my transferable skills to tackle the problems and find solutions”.

A family man at heart – and talented artist with a keen business mindset – Ramanjeet’s ambitions don’t stop there, and James and James is the perfect fit for such a go-getter attitude: “I’m hoping now to be considered for other roles because I have so much more to offer. It’s easy to approach the company as they are always open to suggestions and new ideas. If you have substance to your ideas and can deliver, they listen. If there is something that can be improved, then they will always be willing to try different methods.”

Elisha, Marketing Manager


Name: Elisha

Job Role: Marketing Manager

Length of service: 6 months

Interesting fact: Elisha is a national Roller Derby competitor

When Elisha was approached by a recruitment agency for a role at James and James it was the culture and opportunity for change that tempted her from her current role at one of the UK’s leading legal services providers.

“I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to join the team at a really exciting time of growth and development,” says Elisha. “There’s a fantastic culture of collaboration and a real desire to drive innovation within the business. It’s great to join a company where I know I can make a real difference from day one.”

In fact, there has been no slowing down this national Roller Derby competitor, who is set on making sure the marketing of James and James stays ahead of the game. “Everyone here is smart, driven and invested in making everything the best it can be, but we are still real people that you’d sit and have a pint with at the pub. This is what makes the James and James culture and why we’re the leading tech provider within the industry. We’re real people solving the problems of real people.”

With her strong marketing background in lead generation and digital marketing, Elisha is guiding her team in implementing an integrated marketing campaign to drive global sales. “Everyone works hard here and, while there are ambitious targets to hit, the team culture empowers you. You’re encouraged to go out with your team for lunch, meet new people and are given all the professional training you need. It’s a really rewarding environment to work in.

Maria, Client Services Representative


Name: Maria

Job Role: Client Services Representative

Length of service: 1 year

Interesting fact: In her spare time Maria likes to paint

In her first year as a member of the James and James team, Maria has progressed from picking and packing in the Fulfilment Centre (FC) to a full-time job in the office as a pivotal part of the Client Services department. “I came from Spain three years ago and worked up in Scotland for a year and a half, before
getting this job at James and James,” explains Maria. “Everyone starts their first day in the FC doing a bit of everything, which makes you feel good and confident from the very beginning, before learning more and more each day.”

Maria’s trustworthiness and talent was quickly picked up on by the team and she was shortly promoted within the FC to work in Returns. “Before I moved departments the work was quite simple, but when I started in Returns I was super motivated; I could use more of my brain for problem solving and became more independent”, she says. Maria worked closely with the Client Services team at this time and moved to her current office-based position after applying internally.

“My manager Darren persuaded me to apply for the role. I thought I’d be a team leader one day, as I have always worked hard, but I never imagined it would be like this – James and James has given me the opportunity of my life and I know there will be lots more possibilities to step up within Client Services too.”

Maria likes to keep busy and enjoys painting in her spare time, while finishing an online teaching qualification with a university back home in Spain. “I enjoy the social side at work; from the team lunches to just getting to know people in the canteen from the different departments, who you wouldn’t usually have time to speak to. And I like all the small details; the fruit, the coffee, the courses and innovation week – there are always opportunities to
learn more if you want to.” “James and James is different; we’re a family and we care about each other.”

Darren, FC Manager

Name: Darren

Job Role: FC Manager

Length of service: 5 years

Interesting fact: Darren is an expert impersonator

When Darren moved to James and James five years ago from his role as a Shift Manager at a leading stationery business, he was looking forward to working for an up and coming company where he could be at the centre of the action and see things grow – and he hasn’t been disappointed!

“I started in the 40,000sq.ft. Fulfilment Centre (FC) in Sawston and helped manage the move to our current 130,000 sq.ft. FC here in Northampton,” says Darren. “While we have increased from 10 to 50 permanent staff in the FC, we’re still one big family and everyone is very approachable. One of my biggest achievements has been building this team here in Northampton up from scratch – and of course, moving the 20 or so trailer loads of goods from one county to another!”

While Darren could obviously see the potential in the company, James and James could see the potential in him too. “When we moved to Northampton, they realised that bringing someone in for me to learn from would help me to progress further,” he says. Operations Manager Sam was brought in to manage the FC alongside Darren and fellow FC Manager and long standing employee Tomas.

“I’ve been out to America with Sam to search for a new FC and am now being sent back out to head up the smooth transition into the new unit. It’s made me feel that I am needed and not just another employee – it was clear that my opinion and expertise do matter. I’ve always been fully supported to grow within the company.”

A dad to two girls and avid football fan, Darren also makes full use of the opportunities available to him here at work. He is part of the innovation club, monthly breakfast club and recently took advantage of the fire marshal course and bushcraft activities during innovation week, while also finding time to start up the Innovation Lodge/ Pack Academy for new starters in the FC.

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