Here are four reasons to partner with James and James for your US fulfilment:

  1. Our US location, global network and cloud technology helps you manage all of your order fulfilment globally through one website from any device simply and instantly.
  2. Our ControlPort software offers a virtual view of the entire fulfilment process for our clients and their customers regardless of where they’re based. View and control the whole process, from order placement to delivery.
  3. Take advantage of competitive shipping rates for fulfilment of orders in North America, Canada and Latin America, as well as faster shipping to the region.
  4. Dispatching from our US fulfilment centre means shorter time frames for your deliveries. No more customs delays or unexpected duties and taxes for your end customers.

Frequently asked questions

Where is your US fulfilment centre?

We’re based in Columbus, Ohio. Our purpose-built US fulfilment centre extends to 400,000 sq. ft. The new facility is the first in our global network of web-connected fulfilment centres, allowing orders to be controlled online simply and easily from one online portal.

Where do you deliver to from the USA?

We dispatch worldwide from all of our fulfilment centres. When we receive an order, our order management software automatically calculates the fastest and most cost effective location to ship from.

How fast can you ship domestically?

Around half of the American population is within a single day’s drive of our Ohio fulfilment centre, as is a third of the Canadian population, allowing for fast and cost effective delivery for your North American orders.

How much does it cost?

Shipping from the USA ensures more cost effective rates for domestic, Canadian and Latin American orders. The global scale of our operation ensures we get the best rates from all our carriers and we pass these savings onto you.

How can I set up US order fulfilment?

Contact us and one of our fulfilment consultants will get back to you straight away with everything you need to know, including pricing.