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Warehouse Fulfilment

A warehouse fulfilment service designed for eCommerce businesses looking to scale

  • Modern, safe, and secure warehousing
  • Warehouses in the UK, US, and EU, with more on the way
  • Powered by award-winning warehouse management technology
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Hundreds of eCommerce businesses trust James and James to handle their warehouse fulfilment. Here’s why:

  • Thanks to our in-house technology, ControlPort, we’re able to pick, pack, and ship orders with 99.9% accuracy
  • 98% of orders leave our warehouse same-day
  • ControlPort gives you, and your customers, real-time updates on the progress of orders, right down to the moment it’s being picked
  • With warehouses across the world, we help eCommerce businesses reach new markets
  • Our warehouses are clean, dry, and secure to ensure your goods don’t get lost, damaged, or stolen
  • Human support is always just a phone call away
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How it works

Warehouse Fulfilment at James and James

It’s a tight ship here at James and James, but let us show you how we run it.

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Goods in

When we’ve got to know each other, we provide a full onboarding process to help you settle in and get up to speed with our warehouse fulfilment platform. You’ll then send your goods to any, or all, of our warehouses.

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Once we’ve received your inventory, we’ll add the barcodes, images, weights, and dimensions of each product to our system for super-efficient fulfilment. We’ll then place the stock to the most suitable section of our warehouse.

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Picking and packing

Shortly after you receive an order, we’ll pick and pack your orders to your requirements. Whether it’s a customised box, personalised message, or branded flyer, we’ll package your parcel beautifully and help you show off your brand.

Shipping - the fourth step of the order fulfilment process


Now the order’s packed, it’s ready to ship. We automatically allocated the most cost and time-effective shipping option, and 98% of orders will ship on the day they’re made. Your customers will love it.

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Sometimes customers change their minds, and that’s OK. If they do, they can send their order right back to us, where we’ll process it quickly and put it right back on the shelf.

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We keep you and your customers in the loop, every step of the way

Through each step of the fulfilment process, both you and your customers will know exactly what’s happening, and when. It creates a shopping experience your customers will love, and they’ll keep returning for more, time and time again.

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