James and James reinvent order fulfillment for the 21st century

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James and James are real people. They both have degrees from Cambridge University and could have taken any career they chose in the City or in Cambridge’s tech and science industries – but they didn’t. When sourcing a company to dispatch their online orders, James Hyde and James Strachan were frustrated to find that the services on offer were almost 19th century in their approach.

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“We were almost in disbelief. How could an industry this large, be run off such outdated systems? Why had no one bothered to invest?”said James Hyde, Operations Director, often seen zooming around the warehouse on his electric scooter looking for things to improve.

Convinced they could do it better, James and James reinvented order fulfillment, like Dyson with vacuum cleaners, but without the 5,127 prototypes he had to develop to get it right.

James and James Fulfillment offer storage and real-time order processing, with live reporting and integration with shopping carts and couriers. Clients can login and view an order from purchase right through to delivery and even to see who signed for it – all updated as it happens.

The system’s database holds and displays every last detail of the fulfillment process, from images of every product and case, through to the operator who last touched it. This gives clients a competitive advantage when it comes to stock control, customer service and, essentially, their reputation.

They set up the company in 2010 and made it work. They tripled their business in 2011 and 2012 , but the name was wrong, it didn’t reflect their ethos. From 1 May 2013 they relaunched as James and James Fulfillment (though they disagree about who is the first James); the name reflecting the fact that the company is as much about the people as it is the process.

“The new identity communicates that we are serious about who we are, what we do and why we are doing it. We’re not just another fulfillment company – it’s a different way of thinking.” said James Strachan, Technical Director. “Clients are buying into that difference”.

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