James and James urges retailers to “Plan for Peak” now with latest white paper

Peak Demand

“Most businesses expect orders to peak before the holidays, but assume that with the same processes in place, they can handle it, just by upping the speed at which they work. But if your products really do take off, you need to ask yourself: ‘Can we manage?’”

James Hyde, Co-founder, James and James Fulfillment

Every year, Black Friday sales seem to start earlier, get bigger and run for longer. In fact, the National Retail Federation says that small to mid-sized retailers now take up to 40% of their annual sales in the final two months of the year.

While November and December can clearly be profitable for online retailers, they can also be challenging. With the peak season getting ever longer – and competition between retailers getting ever more intense – careful planning is now required to maximize Q4.

To help online retailers, we’ve put together a new white paper, Plan for Peak: Maximizing Your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales.

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In 2017, our clients’ order volumes were 70% higher during the peak season than at other times of year. One popular clothing brand saw its online orders increase thirty-fold during their Black Friday promotions.

We’ve used the expertise we’ve gained fulfilling these spikes in orders, to compile the new white paper. It provides advice on four key things you need to consider in the run up to peak season and beyond:

1. Know your dates: The growth of mobile shopping and the spread of cyber deals is changing when and how consumers shop. The white paper – and our accompanying retail holiday calendar – highlight the key shopping dates for 2018.

2. Review your operations: Over peak season, you’ll be processing a higher volume of orders than normal, everyday, for six to eight weeks. The white paper shows you how to optimize your operations, even at your busiest times.

3. Reduce your returns: As consumers make impulse purchases, return rates can increase from 5-10% to as high as 40% over peak season. The white paper offers advice on how to eliminate returns – or turn them into a positive experience.

4. Outsource your fulfillment: With so much to think about over peak season, one way to remove the stress is to outsource your fulfillment. The white paper discusses the benefits – from reducing your costs to reducing the risk of things going wrong.

Start planning now for a smooth and successful peak season

By the end of the white paper, you’ll know everything you need to know to have a smooth and successful peak season. As our Co-founder, James Hyde, says:

“Don’t let this holiday season be the year your brand disappoints. Ensure you have a plan in place, whether that’s outsourced fulfillment or a strong, organized, in-house operation, to deal with whatever the festive season throws at you.”

The cover of the white paper Plan for Peak: Maximizing Your Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday Sales

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