Bare Biology

High-end Bare Biology product requires high-end fulfillment

Supplements and vitamins

One day back in 2012, Melanie Lawson woke up and decided to start a fish oil business. Tired of trying to hunt down an Omega 3 supplement that was strong enough to work, fresh enough to taste good, in a form she could absorb, and with clear proof of being 100% pure – she decided to make it herself.

We couldn’t function as a business without James and James. It’s only when you’re faced with situations like Covid-19 that the importance of this type of partnership comes into sharp focus. If they had to close, we wouldn’t have a business.

Melanie Lawson,

The Challenge

Become the trusted high-end fulfillment partner to a growing health supplement brand.

What we created

Bare Biology’s founder needed the reassurance that their high-end products would be distributed to loyal customers accurately and on time. Through demonstrating our responsiveness and always willing to help approach from the off-set, Bare Biology was in a comfortable position to move forward on their outsourcing decision.

“I knew it was right for my business but you’re placing huge amounts of trust in a fulfillment partner to look after your brand as if it’s their own. My main concern was that orders wouldn’t be distributed quickly enough. Also, our products are high-end and a high proportion of our customers are environmentally conscious. It was important for James and James to be mindful of this and not use too much packaging or boxes that were too big.”

What we delivered

Ultimately, Melanie knew outsourcing fulfillment to James and James was the right decision. 

In her words…

“I can genuinely say that I’ve never felt concerned about our fulfillment. It just happens and I don’t give any headspace to worrying about it. I am sometimes amazed when I speak to people who are years into their online business and are still doing all the fulfillment themselves. I keep telling them they shouldn’t be down in the weeds and that they’re stifling their growth. It seems such an obvious choice to me but equally I can understand that it can be hard for people to let go.”