FutureYou Cambridge cuts postage costs in half with fulfillment and packaging partnership

Supplements and vitamins

Cambridge Nutraceuticals launched in 2012 with its first product, Ateronon – nicknamed the ‘Tomato Pill’ – which was developed through £12 million in research funding and clinically tested at Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to prove its effectiveness. In 2015, Cambridge Nutraceuticals became known as FutureYou Cambridge in the UK.

The company has become a significant player in the supplements market with over 100,000 customers now benefiting from its wide range of scientifically backed supplements in the UK alone.

They are a crucial part of our supply chain, with 99% of our orders going through the James and James fulfillment center for international distribution.

Sam Cutler,
Product Manager

The Challenge

To collaborate with our partner, Macfarlane Packaging, to create a cost-effective packaging solution that would be ‘postal friendly’ for delivering supplements to the company’s UK customers.

What we created

With Macfarlane Packaging being a key partner of James and James, we recommended their services to FutureYou’s Product Manager, Sam Cutler who was suitably impressed with their offering.

“Our customers don’t want the inconvenience of going to the Post Office to pick up their supplements, so it’s important that our deliveries fit through the letterbox, particularly for those customers who are older and may not be able to get to the door easily. Being postal friendly is very important to our business and one of our key challenges was making that work.

“James and James recommended we use its partner, Macfarlane Packaging, and the team there have been amazing to work with. Their innovation lab in Milton Keynes is an impressive facility – probably the best I’ve come across in the sector.  

“We discussed several improvement ideas, which the team then developed into samples.  By working together, we were able to come up with a design that fitted within Royal Mail’s Large Letter dimensions, rather than the Small Parcel size we had before.”

What we delivered

“The James and James team spent time exploring and sourcing suppliers who could provide potential samples. This allowed us to find the best possible option prior to launching the new product. By going through this process, we have saved around 50% on postage costs and accommodated the fact that people can have different sized letterboxes.”

In terms of our ongoing fulfillment partnership overall, Sam said, “When you’re dealing with thousands of orders each week, it makes sense to outsource it to the experts.  

We moved to James and James Fulfillment in 2015 as we heard they had a good reputation. The company also focused on the availability of order and inventory information through its cloud-based platform, ControlPort, which aligned with our focus on data. So, it felt like a natural fit.  

Having a global fulfillment provider like James and James allows us the time to focus on the business and our growth strategy.”