The Kopi Luwak Company

The Kopi Luwak Company gains more control over customer experience

Food and drink

The Kopi Luwak Company is a small coffee company based in Bristol, UK. Its primary product is a niche, luxury coffee imported from Indonesia, called Kopi Luwak. These ethically-sourced coffee beans have been picked and eaten whole by wild Asian Palm Civets – an incredibly fussy viverrid native to South and Southeast Asia. They only like the juiciest, ripest and freshest coffee beans. Quite the coffee connoisseur!

These beans are consumed by the Civet and passed through whole, then collected, thoroughly cleaned and roasted, resulting in an incredibly rich, luxurious cup of coffee. It’s a labor-intensive process to source and collect these beans, and for that reason, Kopi Luwak is considered the world’s most expensive coffee.

We knew the best way to improve things was to use a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to help give us more control over our packaging and delivery experience, without the cost and hassle of trying to bring these processes in-house.

Owen Carter,

The Challenge

To make the switch from Amazon FBA to James and James’s alternative fulfilled by Amazon service seamless and stress-free.

What we created

Previously The Kopi Luwak Co. was using FBA to fulfill their Shopify web orders, but they soon came to realize that this wasn’t providing the best customer experience they’d hoped for.

“Before we switched to James and James, I spent multiple hours a week, checking over shipped orders, updating tracking details, ensuring orders processed correctly. This directly impacted my ability to focus on the core business and the growth of the business. 

Since outsourcing, I have complete confidence in the system – so much so that I barely need to check in on it. Orders just process in the background with barely any hiccups.”

Through our alternative to Amazon FBA fulfillment service, we worked with the brand to give them more control over their packaging with branded shipping labels and packing slips, as well as providing live order tracking to customers through a branded online portal – ViewPort.

What we delivered

As well as reducing the time spent on checking orders and the administration side of fulfilling orders in-house, Owen now has the time to focus on key promotional events, hone business strategy and look to a future of wider international expansion.