The Renatural

Worldwide scalability dreams achieved for The Renatural

Hair and beauty

The Renatural’s ‘The Wig Fix’ was founded by Aasiyah Abdulsalam in 2019. This is the first-ever skin soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and lightweight silicone headband that secures wigs while protecting the scalp and promoting natural hair growth underneath. It’s also rollercoaster proof. 

The Wig Fix, with its mission to make wearing wigs easier, safer, more realistic and stress-free, has gained worldwide popularity and celebrity traction in just 12 months.

With James and James I felt I was talking to a representative, rather than a salesperson. I really value the level of support they provide, especially throughout Covid, and how they’ve helped me scale my business.

Aasiyah Abdulsalam,

The Challenge

To ensure 8,000 pre-orders of The Wig Fix reached angsty customers as promised and to support worldwide scalability thereafter with our UK and US fulfillment services.

What we created

A non-typical onboarding experience was created for The Renatural to meet the challenge. Aasiyah and her team were set up at both fulfillment centers in just one weekend, ready for those 8,000 pre-orders to be dispatched to eager customers.

What we delivered

James and James had the capacity to fulfill the goods within 12 hours of arriving. This marked the beginning of our ongoing partnership with The Renatural.

Founder Aasiyah said, “I really like to over-research everything – and outsourcing fulfillment of our products was no exception! It’s such a huge commitment to stock everything with an external partner so I wanted to spend the time necessary to make the right decision. 

“As The Wig Fix products are shipped worldwide, with 80% of sales coming from the US, using a US-based fulfillment center was a priority. As James and James have a centrally-located center in the UK as well as one in Ohio, it just made sense to use both to save on shipping costs and to provide a better customer experience.

“Though it was a stressful time at launch, getting set up and integrating Shopify with James and James’s ControlPort was relatively straightforward. The system is one of the most detailed I’ve come across.

When you’ve been used to fulfilling orders yourself with just one intern every morning from 6-10am, everything just felt 10x easier. The main thing is that James and James have helped me scale my business in a short period of time. Initially, after the pre-orders, I was shipping 500-1,000 orders a month. Just a few months later, we were shipping 3,000-4,000. That level of scalability in a tiny window of time just isn’t possible when you don’t have a team ready.”