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The backstory – The Gut Stuff

Lisa and Alana, Co-founders of The Gut Stuff, kindly recorded the video below especially for The Scale Up.

Lisa’s on the left, Alana’s on the right – and they’re twins. Alana’s slightly angry chihuahua makes a guest appearance too.

The Gut Stuff was a brand built by the duo to empower gut health in everyone, and in 2021, they’re pledging to educate 1 million people on all things gut-related. Why? The girls tell us that nutrition advice is complex, but that everyone has the right to know this stuff so they can make the right choices for themselves.

Hear how The Gut Stuff came to be, why the twins needed to send their poop off in the post, as well as the challenges they’ve faced in bringing their Good Fibrations high fibre bars to market. But most importantly, how they’ve achieved amazing success with online sales doubling in the last month.

We’ve really hit the ground running. Sales have been going really well, especially online sales – we doubled them in the last month which is amazing. We’re ready to accelerate and scale in 2021!

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