Brand Spotlight: Anderson Entertainment steps into Thunderbird 2’s hangar

Anderson Entertainment was founded by the late Gerry Anderson in 1999. Today the company continues to develop projects from Gerry Anderson’s personal archive as well as managing his estate and existing work.

Since 2013, the Gerry Anderson store has set out to provide fans all over the world with the best in Gerry Anderson merchandise – covering all of his amazing productions like Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Space: 1999, Terrahawks, and of course – Thunderbirds.

By the end of 2016, the Gerry Anderson store had grown beyond the capabilities of their previous fulfillment company, and together with Tim Langhus-Griffin – their Head of Customer Services – began looking for an alternative solution.

The solution

Transparency, stock control and reporting were absolutely key in their decision process, as well as a highly efficient service, accurate stock picking and fast turnarounds.

After speaking with several fulfillment providers, James and James demonstrated themselves to be a particularly good fit based on their key requirements. The move to James and James was a simple decision given that Anderson Entertainment wanted to offer more products and grow its customer base. Keeping all customers 100% satisfied is a key requirement and the company was struggling to meet those expectations.

Prior to the transition, Anderson Entertainment was finding stock control particularly challenging since what was believed to be in stock did not always match with what the prior warehouse had, meaning customer service hours were spent on resolving both stock and customer service inquiries. Returns and exchanges also required follow-up emails which slowed turnaround time to customers.

The results

Anderson Entertainment estimates a saving of between 6-8 hours a week on unnecessary and costly customer service time and returns, and are seeing 99.9% stock picking accuracy.

Jamie Anderson, Gerry’s son, and Director of the company adds: “To top it all off – my visit to James and James’s fulfillment center felt a bit like I was stepping into Thunderbird 2’s hangar, which is strangely appropriate, as they’ve gone on to become our International Rescue.”