Brand Spotlight: Frenchie Bulldog’s feeling at home

Frenchie Bulldog Pet Supply was founded in 2013 by Bridget Daly – a French Bulldog lover, who set out to create the best-fitting, most-stylish harnesses for small dogs with big chests.

The firm’s harnesses – neoprene, fully adjustable and the first to be reversible, with fun prints on both sides – were an instant hit in the US. So in 2017, Frenchie Bulldog decided to expand into Europe.

Victoria Shanley, Global Distribution and Social Media Management at Frenchie Bulldog, picks up the story.

“One of our team members moved to England, to test the waters. After she hand-packed over 2,000 parcels herself, we knew it was time to make the big move and outsource. We researched all UK fulfillment centres, looking for one that was close to London. We shortlisted three, and James and James was the best fit for us.”

Friendly team makes Frenchie Bulldog feel at home

With no experience of setting up a fulfillment center, Frenchie Bulldog was grateful for the advice that James and James’s consultancy team had to offer.

“They were by far the friendliest group of people we spoke with. When they found out we didn’t know what a SKU was, they took the time to teach us the important lingo and how things work. Their positive attitude, communication skills and ability to make the transition as smooth as possible made us feel like this place was the perfect fit for our brand.”

On-demand support makes onboarding a breeze

The process of setting up seemed like a daunting task for Frenchie Bulldog at first. But knowing that the James and James client services team were only a phone call or email away made it easy.

“It became quite the joke, how often I called!” laughs Victoria. “But now we’ve been up and running for nearly two years, our day-to-day work is a breeze. Everything is so transparent and the software is so user friendly.”

Fast, reliable delivery makes for loyal customers

So what impact has James and James’s pet supplies fulfillment service had on Frenchie Bulldog?

“It’s given us quite the reputation! Our customers know the shipping speed is freaky fast and the accuracy is 100%. They also enjoy the personal touches, such as custom packaging and knowing the name of the person who packed their order. It makes it feel like we’re still a small family business.

“We’ve also saved so much time knowing each order is going out exactly how the customer wanted it and within 24 hours of being place during the week. Since being with James and James, our business has doubled and they are able to keep up with our growth. It’s so satisfying to know that we have a strong team behind us as we continue to grow.”