Brand Spotlight: ‘New Wash’, new market, new fulfillment partner – the perfect Hairstory

Hairstory was founded in New York City in 2015, by a team of beauty, pharmaceutical and hairdressing professionals, who wanted to do things differently.

Creating “New Wash” – an alternative to shampoo – and selling it direct to consumers and hairdressers, the company was profitable within its first six months.

In 2018, it decided to look beyond its home market and expand into Europe. But with the prospect of high trans-Atlantic shipping prices, it needed a European fulfillment center to support the move.

Local fulfillment reduces shipping costs

Hailey Harn, Logistics Coordinator at Hairstory, picks up the story.

“We needed a way to distribute in Europe without the cost of sending from the US. We searched online and came across James and James. They seemed to specialize in eCommerce and were not looking only for large clients – they would value a growing account like ours.”

Fulfillment software creates time savings

Since launching with James and James’s hair and beauty fulfillment service, Hairstory has grown rapidly in Europe, with monthly order volumes now more than five times what they were at launch.

As well as realizing cost savings on shipping, Hairstory has also realised time savings.

Hailey attributes this to James and James’s order fulfillment software, ControlPort. It integrates with Hairstory’s shopping cart, sending European orders for pick, pack and dispatch immediately. The system has bridged the gap between the US and UK.

“The software is very automatic, so we can access things like inventory reports at any time and see the status of any order we need to check on. We do find that it can be a bit tricky, due to the time difference, but having access to the software to make changes quickly is really helpful.”