Brand Spotlight: OOSC – the fun and sustainable skiwear brand conquering seasonal peaks

The Original Old School Ski Company (OOSC Clothing) was born in 2014, when a bunch of friends who love ski (and après) came together, to bring fun back to the mountains with colorful, retro ski suits.

OOSC quickly grew into a thriving clothing business, with a focus not only on fun, but sustainability – in 2018, it overhauled its entire manufacturing process, to source only recycled polyester and organic cotton for its outerwear.

Around the same time, co-founders Aaron McLaughlin and Nick Marsden realized they were spending more and more time at the Post Office, in an effort to fulfill ever-increasing order volumes.

A more robust and professional approach was needed.

Fulfillment is no longer a worry

Aaron explains: “Fulfilling orders was becoming an unnecessary distraction for us. We needed to get serious and look for a partner who we could trust to make it all happen without us having to worry about it anymore. We needed the whole package – someone who could store and ship our products, as well as manage order tracking and provide email updates to our customers.”

As such, James and James Fulfilment was a natural choice.

“We’ve been really impressed with the team at James and James. Their processes are second to none and fulfillment is no longer something we are having to think or worry about. The solution is seamless.”

Ski season is no longer a stress

Outsourcing its fulfillment has been particularly useful for such a seasonal business.

“The peak season for us extends to the end of January, as customers prepare for their February ski holiday. It’s always been a massive headache, but with James and James on board, the stress is gone. Naturally, we must make sure the stock is available, but once we send it to the team, they do the rest. This is a real value-add for us as it means we can focus on further growing the business.”