Peak readiness: How to outsource your fulfillment in 7 days

An image of inside a fulfillment centre with racking full of products

Moving your entire order fulfillment to an eCommerce fulfillment specialist (that’s us) before the inevitable Black Friday rush may sound like a daunting task, but did you know it can be done in less than seven days?

Many eCommerce retailers come to us because they realize increasing their order fulfillment efficiency, meeting increased demand and maintaining exceptional customer service can be a long, arduous task. On top of that, there’s reducing costs and protecting profit margins to think about. 

Our goal is to take away that pressure and get you set up as quickly as possible. You’ll find our approach to onboarding is efficient yet effective. We get things done, but we do them properly – dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

ControlPort, our easy-to-use order fulfillment platform, integrates seamlessly with multiple eCommerce channels, such as WooCommerce and Shopify, and there’s always a super-friendly Onboarding Specialist at the end of the phone to make sure things sail smoothly.

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So, once you’ve done your research and found your ideal fulfillment expert (again, that’s us – hopefully), you’re ready to start your onboarding journey.

Here’s a quick overview of what your first seven days will look like…


We like to make it easy

Day 1


We place a lot of emphasis on building great business relationships. That starts with you and your dedicated Fulfilment Consultant on day one.

They’ll listen to your future goals, your current challenges and work with you to design a plan of action that gets you where you want to be – fast. Your Fulfillment Consultant wants to help you hit the ground running, so profiling your business in as much detail as possible on day one is imperative to getting things moving.

day 2

Software Demo

Did we mention our software’s award-winning?

Equipped with all of the information and key areas for attention, your Fulfillment Consultant will show you just how much return you’ll get from your investment in partnering with James and James.

They’ll take you through an in-depth demonstration of ControlPort and present a tailored proposal to your specific requirements.

day 3

Setting up

Once you’re happy with the value that our partnership will bring to your business and customers, we sign the contract. Your Fulfillment Consultant will introduce you to our Finance and wider Onboarding teams who will build upon the great relationship already established. 

What’s next? We begin implementing the agreed fulfillment solution. We’ll instantly set up your ControlPort login and make sure we’re ticking off the onboarding tasks as we go, including uploading products, integrating your channel and adding brand information.

day 4

The Training Call

On day four, we arrange a training call for you and your team, guiding you through all of ControlPort’s functions and where to find insightful, instant reports. You’ll also be shown ViewPort – your branded portal, where your customers can track their order live, from point of payment. 

There’s a lot our award-winning platform can do, but it’s incredibly easy to use. So the training will get you up and running in no time at all.

day 5

Delivery Date

We’ll provide you with the tools you need to ensure your first delivery of stock to us, booked in by our Goods in team, is as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

We target your delivery to be received on day four or five of the journey so we can book in your products, ready for your first orders to be processed.

day 6

Final Checks

On day six, we make sure you’re happy with every aspect of our system and your settings for going live. We test channel integration (no developer required!) and prepare for your delivery, ensuring all pre-delivery requirements have the green tick.

If at this point you’d like further training, no problem – just let us know and we can arrange this. You’ll feel completely confident as a ControlPort whizz before lift-off.

day 7

Go live!

Following comprehensive testing, your order fulfillment service is rolled out and in just one week, you could see your first order processed with James and James.

From here it’s in our hands to manage your end-to-end fulfillment operations, so you can focus on what’s more important: selling your products and growing your business.

We’ll continue reviewing progress and success factors with you, determining what improvements can be made and acknowledging what’s going well. These initial seven days are just the beginning of a great partnership.

Contact us to get started.

At James and James we’re proud as punch of the onboarding experience we’ve created, and the testimonials we receive from clients demonstrate just how seamless and efficient it really is.

The process of setting up seemed like a daunting task for Frenchie Bulldog at first. But knowing that the James and James Client Services team were only a phone call or email away made it easy.

Victoria Shanley, Frenchie Bulldog

Super easy! I think it took just one day of my time, probably less. 

Keon Ghaharian, Dope Ropes