How packaging can enhance your customer experience

In this guest post, Alex Macfarlane, Sales Executive at Macfarlane Packaging, explains why customers love receiving parcels that arrive quickly, damage free and gorgeously presented.

Packaging is the first thing customers see before interacting with your products, therefore it’s imperative you get it right.

The better experience your customers have opening their package, the more likely they are to choose your brand again and, most importantly, recommend it to others.

There are a few things you can do to enhance customer experience through your packaging. Below are a few suggestions to get you started.

Consider personalization

A study by Sealed Air has revealed branded packaging increases positive customer feedback by 64%. Nevertheless, 38% of parcels assessed in the Macfarlane Packaging unboxing research had no branding on the pack and a staggering 30% didn’t reflect the value of the brand.

There are different custom packaging options available depending on your products, budget and requirements.

You could show your customers you care by going the extra mile and adding a personalized touch to your packaging, whether it’s your boxes, tissue paper or printed tape.

Alternatively, adding a logo to the inside or outside of your packaging helps increase brand recognition, while short personalized messages make your customers feel valued and promote loyalty.

Make sure your parcel is easy to open

Nobody likes receiving parcels that are difficult to open.

Packaging solutions such as boxes with peel and seal closures come with a simple tear strip, which makes them easy to open. As the box is self-sealing, there is no need for ugly packing tape either, which dramatically improves the look of your package.

And if you add another sealing strip inside the lid, customers can “recycle” the original packaging for returns. This is not only better for the environment, it also saves your customers the hassle of finding an alternative solution to return faulty or unwanted items.

Ensure your parcel arrives damage-free

Packages that arrive damaged can trigger increased costs and result in dissatisfied customers.

Always choose packaging that is suitable for its purpose and only use as much infill material as is necessary. Overflowing packages don’t look nice. Nor will they provide adequate product protection, as they can burst in transit.

Consolidating your packaging range will help you better cater for the needs of individual products and ensure they are well-protected in transit. You will save on material costs while being considerate to the environment.