Brand Spotlight: Data visibility is key for Regis – the largest hairdressing business in the world

Regis is one of the largest hairdressing businesses in the world. 60% of its revenue comes from salon services, with the remaining 40% generated from retail sales of professional hair care products.

Regis wanted to add an eCommerce sales channel to their retail offering through the Regis and Supercuts brands. The Regis warehouse deals with large bulk shipments for salon replenishment, but it soon became apparent that their warehouse did not have the specialist B2C capabilities required for their eCommerce operation. Previously they had only been able to offer next day delivery, with a 2pm cut-off time.

Regis needed a warehouse with the technology to integrate with multiple Magento Enterprise stores to receive and process orders automatically. They required an eCommerce fulfillment specialist that offered flexibility, low cost delivery, later cut-off times and multiple delivery options. Regis also required the automatic recording of serial numbers for their gift cards sales.

The solution

Regis decided to outsource to James and James after contacting several fulfillment houses as a part of their procurement process. Regis selected James and James for their specialist B2C service, designed and built by engineers specifically for eCommerce. The James and James real-time cloud-based system integrates with a powerful, modern API to receive orders automatically as soon as they are placed via the Magento online stores. Preventing delays in order processing and ensuring customers have a consistently excellent experience.

James and James offer a flexible service that can accommodate multiple brands and flexible delivery options with multiple carriers. James and James clients also benefit from late cut of times for same-day dispatch and next day delivery, up until 4pm (with 5pm available soon). Click and collect deliveries to salons for customers to pick up were also easily accommodated for. Additionally, James and James quickly coded additional functionality to automatically record the serial numbers of Regis gift cards, to ensure the cards could be tracked and linked to each order.

Clients of James and James have access to its innovative, real-time, cloud-based e-fulfillment system through the ControlPort interface. The specialized system uses a powerful web database that holds and displays every detail of the fulfillment process – from the moment stock arrives from the supplier, through to delivery with the end user.

The results

The outsourced fulfillment initiative has given Regis the specialist B2C fulfillment functionality it required. The level of information available to the Regis team through ControlPort enables them to run their business more efficiently, with ‘intelligent reports’ providing sales trend data and continuously updated stock levels, so that items can be reordered in good time without over-stocking. All information regarding movement transactions is available in real time, from any PC or tablet connected to the cloud. Stock levels can be interrogated and reports produced in a highly flexible manner.

The new fulfillment system supports Regis’ seamless approach to customer relationship management, with clear customer communication, including the returns process, and effective checking of customer-supplied Information. Regis is confident that they are providing the best possible service to their customers, while benefiting from the increased efficiency, accuracy and cost savings that the James and James Fulfilment service offers. Overall Regis’ delivery timescale has improved too from 3 to 5 days to some being next day now for the same or better cost.