Brand Spotlight: Sureflap proves it pays to make a switch

SureFlap sells a range of micro-chipped pet doors and accessories B2B and B2C through its own eCommerce site. SureFlap ships everything from small items in an envelope to pallets of product to international destinations.

The company switched to James and James from another provider to fulfill its eCommerce orders and have seen some impressive results. The team is delighted with the difference it has made to its UK and European fulfillment operations.

The solution

James and James count every unit when booking in to provide an accurate inventory. Each item is scanned on arrival, logging it into the system. This way they know exactly what is put into the warehouse, where it is put, and what is removed.

SureFlap now has 100% accurate and live inventory, allowing managers to be confident in their business decisions and planning. The system displays every step of the picking, packing and dispatch process live and securely over the internet, providing businesses with unprecedented real-time updates for each order.

James and James integrate with multiple third-party carriers. Tracking information is displayed live from collection to signature at the customer’s door, providing answers to customer service inquiries at the click of a mouse. James and James provided an intuitive client portal, which allowed orders to be held, additional items to be added before they are packed and shipping services to be amended.

The results

By providing live reporting, order status updates and tracking information, James and James made a huge difference to SureFlap’s efficiency at answering customer service queries, saving seven hours per week, which were spent chasing order status data.

SureFlap has also reported much less need to chase orders with James and James than it did with its previous fulfillment provider and a more efficient level of service which enables SureFlap customer service agents to answer client queries while they are on the phone. The control provided by the client portal has improved the customer experience and satisfaction as orders can be amended easily.

SureFlap now has accurate inventory, something it could not achieve with its previous provider. This has allowed for more effective production planning and accurate sales forecasting coupled with time saving and staff that are more confident in their decision making. SureFlap has decided to consolidate its European fulfillment with James and James from a German provider due to the efficiency of the service.