Luckies of London

“Our previous provider had very limited shipping options and meant we were not able to offer customers choice.”

Caroline Burman, Retail Manager

Luckies of London

The Problem

Founded in 2005 as a cool and quirky gift company, Luckies has grown considerably over its first decade.

The company decided to move their direct-to-consumer fulfillment to James and James because their previous provider was struggling to cope with the ever-increasing volume of dispatches.

With Q4 being the busiest time of year for the retailer they wanted to make the transition in plenty of time.

Luckies order fulfilment

Luckies order fulfilment

Luckies Speaker

The Solution

With the festive season being a vital time for Luckies, it was paramount that the move to James and James was carried out swiftly and seamlessly across multiple sales platforms. Luckies stated that the whole setup process was remarkably smooth and quick. There was no disruption to Luckies normal service, and they reported that James and James have been helpful and efficient throughout.

Since Luckies made the move to James and James for fulfillment it has seen a huge change in the way peak order volumes are handled. There has been a huge reduction in packing errors compared to their previous supplier, and where any problems do occur the James and James team always resolve any issues quickly.

The Results

Since moving to James and James Luckies orders are packed and dispatched the same day, they have real time access to stock levels and can access up-to-the-minute information on all their orders. Another huge benefit of fulfillment via James and James is the amount of time the company has been able to save within its teams. Luckies estimate we now save about 1.5 hours a day on customer service, plus half an hour a day on order processing. With less time spent chasing up orders the Luckiest team can focus on more important tasks.

Working with James and James has led to a higher level of customer satisfaction, less time is being spent on delivery related queries and Luckies have also noticed an increase in repeat purchasing. Luckies now have access to real time insights that have improved their stock allocation and forecasting and they now report much better data on stock movement.

“Our business growth continues to go from strength to strength and we are now confident we are partnered with the right fulfillment provider, we look forward to many more happy customers around the world receiving their orders from James and James.”

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