Fulfilment Pricing

Our fulfilment pricing is simple and fair; we only charge for what is used. You can not get simpler than that.

Every order needs a packing slip and label, so these are included as standard - because no one likes hidden costs.

We offer a package for businesses with order between 150 and 300 orders per month. For businesses with more orders we will always tailor a price to your specific needs and products. Our systems are good, but it still takes us longer and costs more to pick and pack office chairs than it does phone accessories.

Smaller Business?

Sending 150 to 300 order per month?
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Growth prices

Our ControlPort fulfilment system calculates costs for every single order in real time, so you can review the bill any time, not just at the end of the month.


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How does your pricing work?

We break our pricing in to five key areas:

  • Goods In
  • Storage
  • Picking and Packing
  • Packaging Materials
  • Postage

Clients want the very best price, but not all orders are the same, which is why a single flat fee is rarely appropriate. As Einstein once said "Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler" and we agree.

Can suppliers deliver direct to you?

Yes. We don't have complex 'Goods In' requirements, so our fulfilment clients can have suppliers ship directly to us, reducing costs. We notify them automatically of each and every deliery.

Will you check my deliveries?

For inventory accuracy we count every item or case we receive and check for damage.

We never rely on the shipper's paperwork.  This process allows our clients to sell the last item of inventory with confidence and claim for any shortages from their supplier.

How can I keep track of inventory?

All of our clients' data is available in real time online, where we provide clear, easy to understand reports and charts.

What about trade orders?

For clients sending trade orders in case multiples, we charge per item picked, so an order of 12 counts as 1 item (not 12). This substantially reduces costs.

We are one of the only companies (if not the only company) able to do this without having to store separate 'trade' and 'consumer' inventory. Inventory flexibility is significantly increased as a result.

Can I include my own packing slip?

Every order will include a packing slip, customised with your brand, logo, address and return details. We'll also put your logo on the label (unless you'd prefer we didn't).

For companies that sell in multiple marketplaces and under multiple brands, we can support this too - automatically displaying the right branding to the customer depending on where they purchased.

Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. Picking and packing is combined into just one cost and there are no surcharges for data imports, paper, labels, tape or printing.

How do you charge for storage?

Our storage is priced by the fraction of a cubic metre per day - we never allocate shelves or pallet bays to clients.

We charge for the actual space your products take up, not for the air around them (in many cases, as much as 70% of a shelf can be air). This also enables us to store products in the most appropriate location dependant on size, weight, type and rate of sale.

We store the exact dimensions of every single product and carton and calculate space requirements each night, billing daily and automatically.

How can I make sure orders are sent with the best courier?

Whether an order is sent economy or priority, our Six system always chooses the most cost efficient method from our postage providers and couriers.

We make sure you get the best price without compromising choice. We manage and negotiate directly with suppliers so clients can concentrate on selling, confident their needs are in safe hands. Clients can also get real time quotations for all services from their Six client area.

Is the billing itemised?

Yes, every single charge is listed order by order and these can be seen at any time, not just after the month end. We'll list all the packaging materials we provided, detail the courier service used, cost charged and the picking fees line by line.

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