How We Work

Every step of our process ensures complete accuracy, accountability and efficiency. It's easy too. Here is an outline of our order fulfilment process:

Receipt of Product

To maintain optimum inventory accuracy, we count every item or case we receive (and check for damage).

We do not have complex Goods In requirements, so clients can have their suppliers ship directly to us, reducing costs.

  • We measure, weigh and record all product details upon arrival
  • Stock can be sent directly from the supplier/manufacturer and its status tracked online

Product Storage

Live online inventory management and reporting make monitoring stock levels easy. Track deliveries, orders and inventory levels in real time. Alerts are sent when product levels get low.

  • Product is kept in the most appropriate location type based on size, weight, product type and run rate
  • We never allocate shelves to clients or products; allowing us to charge only for what what we store, not how many locations we use

Collation of Orders

Our integrated order fulfilment system automatically brings together all orders for clients.

  • Fully automated order collation and live updates back to the store
  • Integrate with multiple storefronts, marketplaces, CRM systems
  • Check order status, edit addresses and confirm delivery all in one place
  • In addition to our more modern technologies, we also have high-class response handling for more traditional communications via phone, email and fax as well as
    mail order fulfilment, catelogue fulfilment, newspaper coupons and flyers - See more at: /order-fulfilment/outsourced-customer-service/response-handling/#sthash.Or2WOJjE.dpuf
    mail order fulfilment, catelogue fulfilment, newspaper coupons and flyers.

Picking and Packing

Using our bespoke ControlPort system, we provide an effective picking and packing service for orders with no less than four checks to make sure we get things right first time.

  • We use the latest, bespoke cloud picking technology to pick orders faster and more accurately
  • We produce packing slips and labels on demand, allowing full brand customisation of return addresses and logos


Using a range of postal and courier providers, we choose the best delivery service depending on the order's size, weight and delivery speed requirements - ensuring clients always get the best price.

  • A wide range of services cater for all sizes of post, parcel and freight
  • Complete choice on service level and signature requirements for every order

Account Set-Up

With James and James Fulfilment the order fulfilment process is simplified down to just a few steps:

  1. We allocate a secure sub-domain for your business
  2. You provide a few details, including a list of your products
  3. We set-up and test integration with your online channels
  4. A go live date is agreed, your goods are collected
  5. We catalogue and book in products, ready for dispatch

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