Accuracy & Quality

100% accuracy is important, because every consumer is important to your business. At James and James Fulfilment, our 'right first time' attitude means clients’ staff  enjoy positive contact time with consumers, rather than apologies and headaches.


This philosophy applies to everything we do, from booking in, right through to order picking; so our clients can be in control of their business, confident in what we do.


Our ControlPort order picking system uses four checks to ensure every pick is correct. An additional two checks on every order reduces any margin for pick and pack errors, maximising customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We’re so committed to getting things right, that if we choose the wrong item in our packing process, we pay for its return and send out a replacement order free of charge. Where we can't do this, we’ll cover the cost of a replacement item.

Booking In

All goods are counted upon arrival at the fulfilment centre and never booked in from suppliers’ paperwork.

This ensures tight control on inventory values, and provides notifications of delivery shortfalls or damaged products on the day of delivery - particularly important for supplements and health & beauty products, where items are generally small and of high value.

Batch/Lot Control

sa_organic_black_web.jpgBatches are segregated within the warehouse to ensure they can never be mixed. This enables clients to order specific lots, confident in the accuracy of our batch management and picking processes. Such attention to detail make us one of the few (if not the only) organic certified fulfilment houses.

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