Reliability & Technology

Cloud fulfilment

Our fulfilment service runs in the cloud, which is another way of saying our software runs over the internet. Clients do not need complex local servers or the associated maintenance costs and can see orders being fulfilled in real time - without any delay.


100% Uptime

A cloud fulfilment service offers higher levels of internet security and up-time, and much higher physical safety of the data.

We run our cloud fulfilment service simultaneously on two independent data centres as master and slave mirrors, with automated back ups also taking place at regular intervals. If for any reason the master server is unreachable, the service will simply continue to run on the slave server.

Traditional Local Server Our Data Centre
30-60min UPS, no generator, single point power system 4x on-site uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) & two diesel generators; fully conditioned, redundant power to each cabinet
Access generally restricted by normal site security and a locked door 365 day 24/7 security patrol, with advanced personnel access control system. Internal and external CCTV and intruder alarms
Single equipment, no redundancy or fail-over. Server likely to require physical repair before operation resumes Redundant server equipment. In event of equipment failure, data can be moved to another server in the stack without any interruption in service. Replacement parts kept on site
Basic disk array, requires system shut down for replacement. Separate backup is at end of day or week. Back-up is likely to be stored on site Redundant data storage (RAID10 disk array) can handle over 25% of disks failing without any data loss. Disks can be hot-swapped while system is running. Continuous back-up to secondary data-centre in another UK location via encrypted link
Single water based sprinkler system, which is likely to damage more equipment than it saves Dual redundant gas based fire-control system (Dual VESDA fire detection systems with DuPont FM200 fire suppression equipment)
Air conditioned as per office with no/little air filtration, dust present from carpets, ceiling tiles etc Dual redundant air-conditioning and air filtration system, temperature to within 1°C. of target, low dust environment
Standard internet firewall and security Firewalled, specialist security software and 24hr network monitoring


Data security

Our client data security is taken very seriously. James and James Fulfilment is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office as a registered Data Controller and we keep all data securely within our UK data centres where it’s monitored 24/7 by digital systems and trained staff.

Contact us for more on the security benefits of our cloud fulfilment service and what we do to protect you and your business.

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