Real Time

There is nothing worse than finding out after it is too late to take action. When we say real time, we mean actual real time - not a minute’s delay.  A small difference, but for the multi-channel retailer the benefits are huge.

Live_Messages.pngConsumers can order on our client's stores with absolute confidence the product is in stock, right that second.

Customer service staff can speak to the end consumer in absolute confidence that they are giving out the right information.

Managers can be reassured that what they see is the real situation - with nothing left out and nothing waiting to happen.

  • Total customer view from point of order to signature upon delivery
  • Reduced administration costs and lower stock wastage
  • Happier customers and better customer service
  • Less stressed staff, who can be confident in their actions
  • Up to date insights, not second guessing

Real time abilities help James and James Fulfilment deliver the best service possible, from high accountability for every warehouse transaction, to an ability to rewind and see where batches have been stored since delivery.

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