Hardware Requirements

Our software is hardware agnostic, so it suits whatever brand of hardware that you might wish to use. Since the James and James Fulfilment solution runs in the cloud, there are no servers to buy or configure.

User interface

Use any internet enabled device and swap depending on the task. For example:

  • A laptop whilst out picking
  • Tablet device whilst packing
  • Desktop PC whilst booking in
  • Smartphone for quick stock or status checks


Clients can use any commercially available printer. We recommend:

  • Fast warm up laser printer, or thermal printer for packing slip creation
  • Laser printer for customs paperwork creation
  • Thermal printer for shipping label creation

Warehouse layout

Our bespoke system works for any warehouse layout and fittings, but for optimum performance there should be easily defined zones, aisles, shelf/rack heights. This helps when building the computer model of the warehouse, but most importantly, makes for faster navigation by users.


As a web based system, warehouses require a WiFi network throughout all picking and dispatch areas (which is cheap and easy to set up if not already present). Lightweight data requirements, mean fast operation even on the slowest networks. There is no need for special leased lines, just a good internet connection. Our system will even run over a 3G connection, offering backup in case your main connection fails.

Want to know more about how our software will meet your warehouse hardware requirements? Contact us today for a full explanation of our personalised fulfilment services.

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